Adobe Illustrator
May 2022


In this project, the design team at Emids and I took our hand at designing new logos for multiple healthcare platforms that adhered to the company's new brand guidelines. The designs in this project are merely concepts that had an influence on the final designs; they are not the official design.

The platform approach at Emids has created a collection of cloud-enabled, pre-built components that can speed up at least 30–40% of data projects for payers, providers, and life science companies.

The Challenge

The old app suite logos were out-of-date and inconsistent with the business's new identity. We required a contemporary appearance that included the company's new brand standards.

Logo Development

Here are some logos explorations. It was crucial that they were all minimalistic and simple to recreate in the event that the suite is expanded to include other products.


To resemble the Emids logo and give consistency, the square ends are rounded off and overlapped. This concept is simple in order to add products to the suite in the future. This is because the teal square is large enough to accommodate many illustration shapes and sizes within it. The concept can also be easily used horizontally, vertically, and as an icon due to its responsiveness.

Final Logos

The two edges of the logos have a rounded corner to resemble to original Emids logo. Each of the logos in the collection includes a graphic illustration that visually conveys what the app does. To learn more about what each platform does, visit

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