Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, & Adobe XD
December 1st, 2021


Indian food is one of the world’s most known foods, and it is rapidly expanding in the Western world. As a result, I focused this passion project on a fictional brand called “Chutneys” which specializes in selling Indian chutney. Chutney is a flavorful condiment made from fruits, vegetables, vinegar, and spices that originated in India.


The target market will most likely be Indians. Nevertheless, it is essential to draw in a diverse crowd. Due to the increased exposure of the food, this will boost sales. The company's brand must resonate with consumers of various ethnicities in order to achieve this.


Logo and Label Design



Final Logo

This logo is created to display an Indian theme to communicate the brand effectively. The logo shows an Indian rangoli design with a Taj Mahal illustration. This was used as an element because Chutney was invented in India. Lastly, the primary colour is orange because it is a highly used color in India and is prominent in their flag.


Label Design

The packaging displays a modern look and appeals to Asian and Western audiences. There is an Indian pattern design on each side of the jar to communicate that the product is an Indian condiment and to make it visually appealing. The colors on the jar are bright because Indians love to use bright, vibrant colors. Therefore this matched the theme well. 


Website Design


Website Sketches

Final User Interface

Adapting To Mobile

A mobile mockup is essential to determine the placement of elements on different screen sizes when viewed online. Therefore I also created a UX/UI design on a mobile screen.

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